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You will never forget the birth of your child. It's a time of great excitement tinged with a little apprehension because of its unknown quality. Birth is a very personal event that requires patience, stamina, and a healthy sense of humor!

I highly recommend gathering as much information about labor and birth, from reliable resources, as possible. Reading books about natural birth practices will help you gain a good understanding of the physical process of labor and birth.
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When I attend a birth I incorporate many of the techniques I have learned over the last 11 years from many of the experts in birth.
Some women need more physical attention during labor, others need more verbal cues, rhythmic distraction or music. Most of us respond to a combination of physical, verbal and going "within themselves" to find our way in labor. I do my best to help each woman find her way through the labyrinth of her labor.

Think of me as your guide in a foreign land. I speak the language, I know the 'locals' and the shortest route to the best places!

My role is to help expectant couples have the best birth possible in any given set of circumstances. Each birth is unique and requires the ability to "go with the flow".
Labor is never quite what you expect it to be.
Having an open mind about what might work for you is the key to success.

Whoever you choose as your doula be sure that she 'resonates' with you and your partner.