Birth and Postpartum Doula


Coming Home

After the baby is born there is a new period of adjustment. Assurance that you are doing things right is a priority.
The doula encourages the parents to trust their natural instincts and develop confidence in her role as a parents.
Having a doula gives new parents freedom to focus on their baby. These are a few of the many ways a postpartum doula can help...

  • Demonstrate and assist in newborn care
  • Breastfeeding help
  • Encouragement and support for the father / partner
  • Sibling care and attention
  • Household help


With help, mothers have a better chance to rest and recover from the birth and parents can begin the lifelong bond with their baby.

Many of the women that have used doula services are second time moms, understandably all wish they had a doula for their first birth.


We were first connected with Fiona by our lactation consultant when my husband and I were first on our own with our twins, our first children.
We had spent our first month in the NICU and then came home to family help. But, as happens in our modern day and age, help dwindled and we were left overwhelmed and completely baffled as to how we were going to manage.
I remember Fiona arrived the first day we asked her to come help us. I hardly said hello to her before slinking off to my bed to take a badly needed nap. When I came back, my babies were fed, changed and and happily back asleep, Fiona had washed and put away the dishes, folded our laundry and had rummaged in the fridge for ingredients that could be prepped for simpler meal preparation. It was as if my fairy godmother had arrived!

Fiona quickly became an integral part of our team, as we saw it, in those early months, and quickly started to feel more like family than an "employee." Not only did she help us manage in those early days, but I've come to trust Fiona more with my babies than anybody else.

Her flexibility with scheduling reflects a true understanding of the total insanity of new parenthood; we were as able to call on Fiona last minute as we were to reliably depend upon her when we "booked" her months in advance. With her gentleness, patience, good humor, and genuine care, it's always a pleasure to have Fiona at our home, both for help for our babies (who are now six months old) and for US.

She is thoughtful and considerate, always thinking of the task that needs doing or the water that needs drinking (thanks for keeping my hydrated while I nurse, Fiona! I'd be a wizened, milkless lady by now if not for you!), often before we do. I can't say enough wonderful things about Fiona, and though I know helping new moms and babies is her passion, I wish we could have her with us FOREVER!

Sara Franklin
Kingston, NY


My wife and I have been using Fiona for postpartum assistance with our twins, Eliza and Cal, and I can only say the experience has been transformative. As first time parents we were mostly unprepared for the complete consumption of our energy and time having two newborns at once required. We enlisted help from friends, family AND professionals but still found ourselves leading the team effort to manage the twins. Once we were introduced to Fiona we found someone that could completely put our minds at ease and help us transition past those fraught early days. Even more important to us, beyond providing exceptional help with the twins Fiona has become a dear and invaluable friend. Chris Bradley | Kingston, NY