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Home birth

Birthing at home

Why do women choose home birth?

There could be a variety of reasons including fear or dislike of hospitals, previous uncomplicated birth, or simply that women feel more comfortable at the privacy of their own home and don’t want to drive to a hospital to be cared for by strangers.

For all of history women supported each other during labor and until 100 years ago home birth was the norm. Along came modern medicine and doctors decided that women in labor should come to them, rather than the other way around.

But for those who have strong feelings about birth at home, we are incredibly fortunate to have a good number of experienced homebirth midwives in our area!

Homebirth can be a beautiful, gentle and empowering experience. Women are free to choose any position, any place and say and do anything they want, unrestricted by anyone else's rules or policies. They can eat, drink, get in the tub or shower or go outside and be in nature. They are free to choose any position and technique they can think of to help themselves.

Midwives are the experts in women's’ health at all stages of their lives. From puberty to post menopause. They are especially experienced at pregnancy and birth. They are trained and certified in life-saving techniques for both adults and babies and don’t hesitate to transfer their patients to a hospital if situations warrant it. They trust in the process of labor and birth and believe that all women deserve the chance to have the birth they desire.

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