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I’m often asked, "What is a Doula?"
I am a guide who prepares a woman for labor and assists her when labor begins and stays by her side until the baby is born.

I use movement, water, music, touch and visualization to help a mother in labor. I am the constant companion who encourages and supports and explains the birth process. I support husbands and partners to be involved and encourage them to work as a couple in their first role as parents. I respect the couples’ need for time alone. I offer sugestions when situations arise and the plans for labor and birth change.

The birth of a child is a moment in time that you will never forget and my goal is to make your labor a positive experience.

Studies show that having a doula present at your birth decreases your need for pain medication, shortens your labor and helps couples feel more confidant about the process of becoming a parent

I was drawn to this profession and have loved every part of it since attending my first birth in 1999.

As of 2011 I have attended over 100 births, every one unique and special. I learn from every birth and bring that experience and my love for my work to yours.